CD "The land of our song" 2008

CLAUDIUS VOELKER "The land of our song" 2008


1.  59th Street bridge song (P.Simon/A. Garfunkel)

2.  Don't keep me waiting (Claudius Voelker)

3.  The land of our song (Claudius Voelker/Christian Hilmer)

4.  I'd like to know (Claudius Voelker)

5.  Ain't no sunshine (Bill Withers)

6.  I can see clearly now (Johnny Nash)

7.  Talking about a revolution (Tracy Chapman)

8.  Over my shoulder (P.Carrack/M.Rutherford)

9.  When you walk in the room (D. Shannon)

10. Here comes my baby (Cat Stevens)

11. From now on (Claudius Voelker)

12. Man on the moon ( Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe)

13. So schön (Claudius Voelker)


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